Volunteering is one of the most beneficial ways to support a project and develop yourself. When you volunteer you get to meet new people, cultures and the local organizations can use your help in many ways. Below we listed a small summary of what you can give and what you get when you volunteer for a project.

What you can give

       New ideas and insights
       Support to the local people and their community
What you gain

       Experience a new culture
       Sense of achievement
       New knowledge and skills
       An unforgettable experience
       Love from the children
       New friends
       Lots of fun and travel

All in all it is a win/win situation!

Read more below about what this means if you are not convinced yet or go to our How to volunteer? page if you have any questions before getting started!

New ideas and insights
Every volunteer is different, this means that every volunteer brings new ideas and insights based on their own experiences, background and culture.

This could be about the food you eat in your country, the skills you have gained, your hobbies, your language and many more things for you to share.

As a volunteer you have an opportunity to exchange your ideas with the local people of the country you are visiting.

Experience a new culture
As a regular tourist you don’t have the opportunity to see and experience a lot of the local culture. Volunteering offers unique opportunities that are usually off limits to travelers. As a tourist you see a country from the outside looking in, as a volunteer you automatically become part of the community and gain much better insights to everyday life in the Andes.

One of the greatest benefits of volunteering abroad is being able to spend an extended period of time in a new country. It’s a truly unique learning experience where you have the chance to interact with new cultures, try new food, speak/learn a new language and meet new people from different countries (the local people of your host country and other volunteers from all around the globe). As a volunteer you will get a glimpse of the local culture, allowing you to become a traveler, rather than a tourist.

When volunteering through Andino Kids, you will stay in the home of the founders of the local NGO. Therefore you will have the chance to really get to know the local people and experience the traditional lifestyle for yourself.

Tourists staying for a few days in an average hotel barely scratch the surface but as a volunteer (living and working in the community, talking to locals and maybe staying for weeks or months) you will have a real opportunity to experience your chosen destination from within.

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