Most families in the Andes have very basic cooking installations. They cook on the floor, inside the kitchen, directly on the fire, using three bricks or stones to hold the pots. If others will sometimes build a stove with dirt, stone or bricks, this stove has no chimney. As the cooking process is not very efficient, they use a lot of wood, animal dung or any other combustible material available. This process costs nothing and suits those with limited resources very well. But in order to feed their families, 10 or 12 kilos of wood is needed per household per day.


Cooking inside on a fire without chimney produces a lot of smoke and ashes that spread in the air and contaminate the kitchen and also the other rooms of the house. Smoke and ashes are very harmful to the respiratory system and the eyes. This has a significant impact on the general health and well-being of the families and yearly causes many cases of bronchitis, cancer, leukemia and many other terrible deadly diseases.


Since deforestation is also a major problem in Peru and South America and environmental responsibility is important for the Peruvians, using 12 kilos of wood per day per family has a significant impact on the environment which is already fragile due to the altitude and geographical position.


Therefore Peru Luz de Esperanza initiated and launched this project with the support of funds and volunteers to help and enhance the living conditions of the families that still use this basic form of cooking. “After doing research, we have found a type of stove (with a chimney) that will suit the needs of our people, is not too expensive, easy to build, exhausts the smoke outside the house and uses less wood or other combustibles.”


In other words, this stove decreases respiratory- and eye diseases, improves the cooking process and food quality, improves hygiene conditions, easily provides warm or hot water, decreases the environmental impact (using only a third of the wood per day), reduce the risks of burns for small children, reduce cooking time and gives more time for other tasks (farming, education and housekeeping) and reduces housekeeping tasks (no more smoke and ashes).


With the help of your donation we can help to provide a safe and efficient stove for a family and reduce health and environmental risks.





raised of a $1,000.00 goal