Peru Luz de Esperanza is a Peruvian non profit organization offering social support to the local communities from the rural areas of the Andes in central Peru with the idea to promote social development for the people with limited resources. It is registered under the name of "Programa de Apoyo Social Peru Luz de Esperanza" or in short, PASPLE.

With the contribution of donations and volunteers, and through its Cultural Exchange Program, this organization allows the residents of these communities to develop their skills and abilities through the realization of different projects and thus improve their life conditions and well-being.

"PASPLE wishes that the children of today will be those guiding the future of our region. We believe that more education will soon offer our future young adults a better understanding of life, enhancing their chance for career opportunities, better salaries and many other ways of improving their lives and those of their families."
Elizabeth Tinoco Chinchilla
Director and founder of PASPLE

Sociology at the National University of Peru in Huancayo

Since then she has devoted her life to the development of the region and has worked on numerous social aid projects for children & youth and is involved in the continuous empowerment of women in the region.

Nilton Tarazona Cóndor
Co-founder and general coordinator of PASPLE

Electrical Engineering at the National University of Peru in Huancayo

Nilton is one of the founding members and has initiated numerous projects like the electrification of the village Chambará and Santa Rosa de Tistes and the building of the school in Chupaca.

PASPLE facts


Elizabeth Tinoco Chinchilla

Legally established

Jiron Coronel Echenique, Quadra 10 Chupaca, Jiron, Peru RUC No. 20486706105
+51 64 43 99 13
+51 96 43 30 403
Wed 12-1pm, Peru time