We strive to achieve self-sufficient economic growth for the people in the Andes through empowering women and providing education for children.

We aim to achieve this by funding and supporting socioeconomic projects that support empowerment of women, education for children, and general improvement of living conditions of the local people.

At our Projects page you can find an overview of our current projects and projects that have been completed in the past.

What we do for local people in Peru
  Local workshops on socioeconomic topics like domestic violence, family planning and money management
  Educational programs for children in the public school owned and operated by PASPLE
  Volunteer programs for teaching at the school and working on socioeconomic projects
  Promote the work of local artisans

What we would still like to do for local people in Peru
  Establish micro-credit programs for local artisans and/or farmers
  Provide scholarships for graduates of the public school of PASPLE
  Create fair trade and sales of local products in the western world

What we can do for you
  Facilitate involvement through volunteering, events and activities
  Offer help, guidance and support
  Open your world in many ways imaginable